PRE-LOVED LEGO Creator Model Town House 4954

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Certified Complete (If You're Missing Pieces - We'll Replace Them, Guaranteed)

Pre-loved and certified by citizens of Brickville.

Currently on display in store original parts in great condition.

Will be dismantled completely and shipped with instructions in original box.

Set has been checked thoroughly but may be missing a couple of pieces not critical to the build.


Build a home of your own!


This detailed set includes instructions for 3 different models, plus all the pieces you'll need to create your own original model! Features a garage that opens and closes to store a sporty car, plus lots of roof pieces, windows and doors. Includes extra elements for light fixtures, chimney, flowers and tons more to create the house of your dreams! Lift off the roof to see inside! Garage door opens and closes! Model Town House stands 9" (23 cm) high! Includes instructions to build 3 different models!