PRE-LOVED LEGO Technical Motor, 4.5 V 870

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Certified Complete (If You're Missing Pieces - We'll Replace Them, Guaranteed)

Pre-loved and certified by citizens of Brickville

Retired in 1979

Complete with all original parts in great condition.

Fully dismantled, bagged and packaged in original box.

The LEGO Technic Motor, 4.5V, was a battery-powered motor that provided mechanical motion to Technic models. It operated on 4.5 volts, typically powered by three size C batteries. The motor had a built-in on/off switch and a connector that allowed it to be integrated into various Technic creations.

The motor provided rotational motion, allowing Technic models to have moving parts such as gears, wheels, or other mechanical functions. It was commonly used to power vehicles, cranes, and other motorized creations within the LEGO Technic theme.