Do you have Lego you want to part with?
If you have a tub of loose random LEGO® or sets you don't have the time and energy to seperate and sell yourself, we’ll buy it back or give you store credit.
Just give us your details here or better yet, bring them into the store and we will prepare a quote!
Note: that it may take some time to respond due to the colume of requests. Thank you for your patience.
Part of what we do is source old Lego parts and sets for collectors and builders so we can make it easy for you.

How to request a quote? In 3 easy steps

Organise Your Used LEGO

Cleaning and sorting your collection takes time and costs us money, to ensure you receive the best possible quote, please take the time to clean and sort your used LEGO bricks before bringing them in.

Reach out to us

Simply contact us via the form below or drop by our store with your LEGO collection. Our team will assess your items and offer a choice of store credit or cash payment.

Spend or Save!

Enjoy spending your cash or indulge in something new with your store credit. The possibilities are endless :)