Our Rigorous LEGO® Minifigure Assessment Process

Our Rigorous LEGO® Minifigure Assessment Process

by Sean McConville on Jan 28, 2024

We pride ourselves on offering only the finest LEGO® Minifigures, each in collector-quality condition. Our commitment is to provide figures that are free from play wear, including visible scratches, cracks, nicks, and bite marks. We understand, however, that occasionally micro-scratches – those tiny, barely noticeable marks that may occur during transport or even within the LEGO® set itself – might go unnoticed.

Our inspection process is thorough, covering every minifigure we sell. While we strive for perfection, we acknowledge that we might miss something on rare occasions. But rest assured, our detailed checking system is designed to catch 99.9% of issues!

With over 15,000 Minifigures produced by LEGO®, each with its own unique parts and characteristics, we employ a rigorous series of checks to ensure both the authenticity and quality of each figure. These checks are carried out at multiple stages: upon acquisition, before listing, prior to display, and finally, before shipping or handover.

Here’s a glimpse into our 4-step quality assurance process:

  1. Initial Inspection: We start by checking for obvious flaws such as incorrect parts, severe cracks, and noticeable marks like scratches or bite marks.

  2. Arm and Torso Examination: We ensure the arms are appropriately tight and inspect for any cracks, especially under the arms – a common stress point. We pay extra attention to figures in colors like Brown and Dark Red, which are more prone to cracking.

  3. Leg Functionality Check: The legs are tested for appropriate tightness and movement, ensuring they are not excessively loose. We also scrutinize them for any scratches or cracks.

  4. Head and Headpiece Assessment: We closely examine the head and headpiece for any wear or looseness, particularly in rubber headpieces used in figures like Yoda and Plo Koon, which can show paint wear more readily.

In the unlikely event we discover flaws prior to shipping, we will offer a complete refund. For shipping, each figure is securely stored in a zip-lock bag and sent in a sturdy box to prevent any damage caused by loose packaging.

By adhering to these meticulous standards, we ensure that every minifigure you purchase from us meets your expectations for quality and authenticity.