Certifying Used LEGO® Sets at Brickville

Certifying Used LEGO® Sets at Brickville

by Sean McConville on May 17, 2024

At Brickville, we're committed to delivering top-quality used LEGO® sets, ensuring that every piece meets our high standards for condition and completeness. Our process is meticulous, reflecting our dedication to quality that we've established with our LEGO® Minifigures, with a focus on providing sets that are complete and in excellent condition.

We've sold hundreds of Pre-loved sets since opening and our process continues to evolve. We are human though, so mistakes happen but we are commited to limiting mistakes and quickly replace missing parts if you reach out.

The Brickville Journey: Ensuring Quality in Every Used LEGO® Set

1. Acquisition Inspection:

Every used LEGO® set that arrives at Brickville undergoes a thorough initial inspection. We evaluate the set for visible damage, missing elements, and the overall condition of the bricks and figures. This initial check helps us to assess the set's quality and determine the necessary steps to ensure its completeness and condition.

2. Detailed Piece-by-Piece Inventory:

Following the initial assessment, we conduct a comprehensive inventory of every piece, cross-referencing the set’s inventory list against the actual pieces present. This meticulous process ensures that no part is missing. We pay closer attention to common missing items, such as minifigures, accessories, and specialty pieces.

3. Functional Review:

To verify that the set is not only complete but also functional, we purchase our sets constructed and deconstruct the set according to the manual. For larger sets, we deconstruct into zip lock bags numbered as per the manual. This step allows us to ensure that all pieces fit correctly and that the set functions as intended. It also helps us to identify any potential issues that might have been missed during the initial checks.

4. Quality Check of Individual Pieces:

Our commitment to quality extends to each brick and component. As we deconstrcut, we examine each piece for any signs of wear, including scratches, discoloration, and structural integrity. Our team is trained to identify and replace pieces that do not meet our strict standards, ensuring that every brick in the set is in good condition. The only exception we make is for rare vintage parts where we try to ensure we maintain the vintage rather than replace with new parts. We will note any issues in our set description for these sets.

5. Final Review and Packaging:

Before a set is listed for sale, we place in original box with instructions and carefully re-seal. If the box, instructions or minifigures, we note in our description. We use quality packing materials to ensure that the set arrives at its new home in the same condition it left Brickville.

In the rare event that a customer finds an issue with a set they’ve purchased, we are happy to provide the missing pieces or in the unlikely event we are unable to provide the piece, you can return and we will provide a full refund! Our goal is to ensure that every customer is delighted with their purchase.

By adhering to these rigorous standards, Brickville guarantees that every used LEGO® set we sell meets the highest quality and completeness criteria. When you buy from us, you’re not just getting a used LEGO® set; you’re getting a Brickville-certified piece of LEGO® history, ready to be built and cherished once again.