PRE-LOVED LEGO Castle Ninja Surprise 6045

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Certified Complete (If You're Missing Pieces - We'll Replace Them, Guaranteed)

Pre-loved and certified by citizens of Brickville

Complete with all minifigures and original parts in great condition.

Fully dismantled, bagged and packaged in original box.

Retired in 1999

LEGO 6045, also known as Ninja Surprise, is a classic LEGO set released in 1998 as part of the LEGO Ninja theme. It includes 30 pieces and features a small temple-like building with a rotating wall that reveals a hidden treasure and a ninja minifigure armed with a sword. The set also includes a small tree and a snake to add to the temple's jungle setting. The set's simplicity and playability make it an excellent introduction to LEGO for young children or a fun addition to a LEGO collection. It is a nostalgic reminder of the early days of LEGO and the beloved Ninja theme.